CHAPTER 1: Philadelphia

My phirst day in Philadelphia I was told that “city of brotherly love” is meant sarcastically.

Phor me, Philalelphia was dominated by work, the Phillies, and Monopoly©.

Work was good.  I was phundraising for PennEnvironment.  The office directors are brand new, so I was more or less the most senior employee while I was there.  The office is a bit of a mess because the new-ness of the directors and the lack of other staff, so to help out, I stayed a week longer than I planned.  This was good for the campaign, but bad for me because that week was disrupted by rain, sickness, and a transit strike.  What I learned while working in Philly:  Philadelphians are more trusting than New Yorkers, but less rich.

The evenings when there was a baseball game were spent, naturally, watching that game.  Phillies v. Yankees World Series.  It wasn’t until this summer that I actually embraced and admitted that I am a Yankees phan.  Poor timing.  Part of me wanted the Phillies to win so I could help the riots and knock over a bus like they did last year.  But, of course, I was rooting for the Yankees and so I had to keep my mouth shut and phear phor my liphe.   Here is a message to you Philadelphia: your citizens would be more attractive iph they occasionally wore something other than a sports jersey.

When I wasn’t watching baseball or working, I was usually playing Monopoly©.  Now that I think about it, what a good way to start an American journey: baseball, work, and capitalism.

PS:  Steve and Aidan who hosted me for the vast majority of my time in Philly are beautiphul


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2 Responses to “CHAPTER 1: Philadelphia”

  1. Janet Packard Says:

    Iph only you were driving an American car…like a Chephrolet or a Phord.

  2. Ian Says:

    I think all american journeys involve foreign cars these days…

    I proud to say mine did! One day sam you will have to race my hundyai against yours!

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