Maybe I haven’t left New York…

I’m in a hostel in Nashville.  A block away is Broadway.  A block further is West End Ave.   Tomorrow, I leave for Columbia.  South Carolina, that is.  I’ll stay with a friend who lives, I kid you not, at 1020 Butler st.  Is Morningside everywhere?


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4 Responses to “Maybe I haven’t left New York…”

  1. Ian Says:

    Maybe you are just projecting your soul’s feelings of a loss of place in the world and inability to feel grounded in any space or time… constantly traveling through different time zones and cities you are without a home and as such without being. You therefore have reverted to that place which you previously knew as your only independent home, where you developed your first true sense of being and individuality. Now you see it everywhere as a reminder of what you have left… Godspeed young Odysseus.

  2. Rosie Says:

    Rather than being, “without a home and as such without being,” I would argue that you are a post-modern Odysseus in a globalized world, in which we are all alienated from our physical environment. Your mode of communing with the environment is via the signifier. You are communing with the signifier as an indicator of belonging and familiarity.

    Also, that is totally weird! It feels like a higher power is trying to tell you something. Like, Columbia University is EVERYWHERE.

  3. Ian Says:

    If “we are all alienated from our physical environment” then what do we call home? What is our young Sam traveling towards? What is he searching for? Indeed, if we must use signifiers to communicate with the environment and our surroundings, then we must ask how are signifiers created? We all have some home, some place of being in time and space where we rest at ease. Sam has left that place and now his sub-conscious long for it.

  4. sampackard Says:

    Okay, now I know for sure that I’m still at Columbia

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