Okay, I’m a tourist

Atlanta has two major tourist attractions: the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coca Cola.

The aquarium is supposedly the largest in the world. Also, they have FOUR whale sharks. Apparently, they used UPS to ship the whale sharks from South East Asia.  Take that, FedEx.  Here’s some footage from my visit:

The World of Coke is a essentially a massive advertisement that costs you $15 and leaves you sick to your stomach because the tour ends with unlimited free samples of 64 different Coca Cola products from all over the world.  At the end they give you a free glass bottle of Coca Cola Classic.  Of course, at this point you are shaking from soda-overload and drinking that bottle would surely result in death.  A few photos:



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4 Responses to “Okay, I’m a tourist”

  1. Alexios Says:

    Hey, Coca-Cola!
    That flame looks like “BURN” which competes with Red Bull.
    I wonder what they will think of next…
    Sam, you should tell us about the villages as well as the cities. Atlanta, Nashville… how about Little Spring, Georgia, or Rockingbridge, South Carolina? OK I know “village” is an un-American word, we say “small town” or “tiny city” or “miniscule megapolis.”
    Keep it up – this blog is a great way to learn about THE USA TODAY.

  2. MaryAlice Says:

    Love the video. And everyone should be a tourists sometimes. It’s fun.

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