CHAPTER 7: Savannah

Went to Savannah.  Sofie, the Tunisian fellow who partook in our Hostel Thanksgiving, joined me for the trip.  We spent most of the four-hour car ride talking US politics.  Tunisia is an African country with tremendous European influence.  Like every non-American I’ve talked to recently, he was pro-universal healthcare.

Savannah is a gorgeous city.  Google image search it or go there.

We stayed with a fellow named Al, who we connected with through  Al is an IT guy and, as he puts it on his couchsurfing profile, “a victim of the new economy.”  Despite his unemployment struggles, he was very hospitable.  The political talk continued with him. He is embarrassed by George Bush and supports a single-payer health care system.  But he is also a big fan of Ayn Rand.  And he asked me if I’m one of those people who are offended by the sight of guns.  I said I didn’t think so.  He said great, and pulled the handgun that had been digging into his hip out of his pants.


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3 Responses to “CHAPTER 7: Savannah”

  1. jessiecammack Says:

    zweiback. (to the last sentence.)

  2. janet packard Says:

    Was this a loaded handgun?

  3. lois Says:

    I am amused by someone who both loves ayn rand and supports a single payer healthcare system…

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