Leaving Miami

I’ve left Miami after 5 weeks of working there.  Toward the end of that time, I almost felt settled (hence the lack of posts in recent weeks).  I spent my days listening to NPR on my commute to work, canvassing all day, then returning home for a dinner with the fam.  The American Dream.

If before now I believed that I could be happy living the car-commuter lifestyle, I no longer do.  Driving an hour in traffic every day before and after work takes a serious toll.  I miss subways.

My mother and brother came down for Christmas.  We hotel-partied it.

Alexi, Ian, and MaryAlice all came down to Miami for New Years.  Whoo!

Resolution: blog more.  Hope that makes you happy, faithful readers.

Anyway, I finished up work in Miami, had a goodbye dinner with my grandparents, and set off for a month in the deep south.  Alexi has joined me for this leg of the journey.  Hopefully I’ll actually have something worthwhile to report back to y’all.  Somehow “You’ll never believe what I heard on NPR this morning…” just didn’t cut it.



4 Responses to “Leaving Miami”

  1. Jack Moore Says:

    Love that you’re doing this, dude. Call me when you get to Chitown.

  2. Jessie Alice Says:

    according to wordpress, possibly related posts include “IS THAT YOU JT?!”

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