CHAPTER 10: Memphis

We were in Memphis for Elvis’ 75th birthday.  This was January 8th.  We went to Graceland.  We didn’t see a single impersonator.  Granted, we didn’t know about the midnight birthday bash at the Heartbreak Hotel until too late, and we slept through the cake-cutting ceremony with its speeches from his ex and from his daughter.  We attempted to remedy this error by waking up on the 9th for the Elvis fan club appreciation event, but it turned out to be a rather-bland lecture, equally empty of impersonators, so we slipped out.  We bought a hits album and listened to it on repeat some 20 times in my car.  We got some Lady-Killer Brown, TCB, Elvis Shades.  Alexi looks particularly studly. I’m all shook up.

Though this King was a letdown, the other king we met was a life changer.  His name was Aaron.  In the past two-years, Aaron has hosted some 200 couchsurfers.  Now, you may be imagining a crunchtastic hippie hopped up on the communal spirit or a giant d-bag with no friends or maybe just a total weirdo of another stripe altogether.  But that’s the wrong image.  Aaron’s a charmer, who quickly became adept at teasing us, like an old buddy.  He took us out for Memphis ribs.  Oy.  After two weeks of pure carnivore-ism, I feel both unhealthy and real hungry reminding myself of that meal.  He brought us and a cadre of other couchsurfers to a karaoke bar.  I’ll keep the details of that night to myself, thank you.  And he indoctrinated us thoroughly into couchsurfing-love.  If I’m not careful, this blog may just become an advertisement for that website.  Fantastic.

Alexi and I got bored of travelling and made lists for two or four hours at a coffee shop.


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One Response to “CHAPTER 10: Memphis”

  1. janet packard Says:

    Did these lists include one of all the states in which you’ve spent the night?

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