Little Rock

Left New Orleans, went to Little Rock.  I knew nothing of Little Rock before arriving.  Not even a Johnny Cash Song.  Bill Clinton.  I knew about Bill Clinton.  I had heard a lot about incest.  Otherwise, nothing.

We were charmed beyond our wildest dreams.  Our hosts Maggie and Jay, lovely folk that they are, took us out for music both nights we spent in town.  The music was great fun: dive-y, spacious bars with small stages and folky girls playing songs they wrote to a crowd that they mostly knew.  Not a New York scene, but certainly a reminder that there do exist good ways of living far away from that fair city.  And, believe it or not, you can’t beat the Arkansan women.  I think Alexi’s considering a move.

We hiked in the Wachita Mountains.  Twelve miles.  Reminded me of the Northeast.

The Bill Clinton Library was horrifically depressing.  It rambles on and on about the great achievements of his presidency: budget surpluses, record-low unemployment, international acclaim.  Clearly made in 2005, before recession and all, the place reads like an image of prosperity past with little mention of Monica or of Clinton’s own failed attempts at health care reform.  It also costs seven bucks.  Come on Bill, do you really need to nickel and dime us?

Oh, apparently the “national food” of Arkansas is cheese dip. Watch:


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    […] live music every night.  Such places, I believe, are the bases of local scenes.  I saw this in Little Rock and in Tulsa.  Sure, New York has “The Talk of the Town,” but just because Bostonians […]

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