Tulsa, OK

Tulsa.  Land of my dreams.

I stayed with Roni, a Tulsa couchsurfer.  Alexi stayed with Nate, a friend from Columbia, and Nate’s family.  Ian joined us from Mexico.  Basically, Tulsa was crowded.

Again, I caught some great music.  Again, it was very un-New York.  A dive bar with a fireplace.  Everyone seemed to know each other.  The band covered John Prine and Prince.  Can’t go wrong.

The tourist site highlight was Oral Roberts University.  Oral Roberts was an early televangelist.  The buildings were all white and gold and looked like the future, if you’re into the Jetsons, or Heaven, if you’re into highly-symbolic, literalist interpretations of the Bible.  Nate asked questions about the dining facilities (happily answered by our all-too-friendly tour guide), and Alexi asked questions about their intellectual justifications for their faith (met with blank stares).  We left annoyed.

Alexi flew back to New York from Tulsa.  So ends our Southern Tour.  Ian and I slipped out early before an ice storm.  Caravan-style.  Texas-bound.


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