Austin, TX

I was planning on finding a place in Austin to sublet for the month of February.  After so much bumming, it was time to work.  Master planner that I am, I had perfectly arranged my Austin-month to coincide with Abby’s wedding on Feb 13.   But alas, the Austin campaign office shut down sometime in January.  I must have been TOO absorbed by Southern culture to check-in with the bosses.  Nearest open offices?  Albuquerque, Denver, Atlanta.  Oops.  Can’t leave Texas before the wedding.  The bumming continues.

Ian and I stayed in Austin for three nights.  We stayed with a UT junior named Drew.  Beer pong, college basketball, and amorphous conversations about Kierkegaard.  COLLLLEGE!

Went to the LBJ Library.  Far more subdued than the Clinton Library.  Its main point is, I think, pretty commonplace today: LBJ passed a LOT of great, progressive legislation.  Had it not been for Vietnam, the people would have loved him.  Obama should just LBJ it.

I bought a bunch of old campaign buttons, including one marking me as part of Nixon’s silent majority.

We had a blast in Austin.  But bbq and Mexican food aside, we could have just as easily been back in NYC.  I guess, big-city, hip, liberal culture ain’t too different any place you go, be it Austin or be it Brooklyn.


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