San Antonio

Spent three days in San Antonio.  Seventh largest city in the country, just a step larger than Dallas (assuming you don’t lump in Ft. Worth).  Granted, it’s less populous than Brooklyn, than Queens, than Manhattan, than the Bronx.  Still, it’s a big city.

But not one that made much of an impact on me.  Good Mexican food.  And I’ll always remember the Alamo.  Ian and I were still together, and both of us were rather travel-weary.  Our hosts, Justin and Krista, were noble folk.  Took us out to a screening of Teen Wolf at a movie theater that serves beer and dinner to its patrons.  But really, we spent most of our time sitting in a coffee shop (actually, an ice cream parlor), eating breakfast, and watching streaming Netflix videos.  Some advice: avoid Big Fan, Good Dick, Spartacus (the Starz series, not the one with Kirk Douglas).

The morning of the third, Ian and I said our good byes, he hopped a plane to DC, and I my car to the Texan coast.  Once again, after a month of accompaniment, I’m on the road alone.


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One Response to “San Antonio”

  1. Hieronymous Says:

    What happened next? How was the coast? Are you in NO now? Texas sounds dull, I’m not surprised — do they serve whiskey there or is it just beer?

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