Aunt and Cousin on the Coast

My apologies, dear commenter Hieronymous, for not keeping up with your blogging demands.  It’s a tricky thing this blogging.  When one does too few things, as I did in Miami, one runs quickly out of things to write.  But if one does a lot of things, as I have done bopping around for the last month and a half, then writing of them becomes tiring.  I wonder what the properly balanced rate of travel is?

Anyhow, after San Antonio I went to the Texan gulf coast.  My aunt and cousin just moved from Hawaii to the town of Rockport, TX.  I don’t think I’ve seen this family since I was twelve.  My one time two-year old cousin is now herself twelve.  Oy. Aging.  We did a lot of puzzles and cooked some fresh gulf shrimp.

Now, here’s something fascinating about Rockport, TX: it’s the winter home to the Whooping Crane.  This bird is the tallest in North America, with a wingspan upwards of seven feet.  Each year, the cranes migrate from northwest Canada to the small town of Rockport.  Actually, to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge.  They are extremely rare.  Only about 260 of them exist in the wild, and another 140 or so in captivity.  We went to Aransas and, I think, we saw some, though we couldn’t get close enough (on foot or through super-high-powered binoculars) to confirm.  I did, however, get within 10 feet of this alligator:

big gator

And this one:

little gator

Sorry about the poor quality images.  Cell phones.


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One Response to “Aunt and Cousin on the Coast”

  1. Jessie Alice Says:

    badass alligator picture.

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