New Orleans, New Job etc.

My dear readers.  My deepest apologies for my latest blogging lapse.  You see, my original plans (if I may claim to have had plans) have changed.  I am no longer a more or less homeless person.  I’m living in New Orleans.  Moved here February 15th, the day before Mardis Gras, also known as Lundis Gras.  And I will remain here until, well, it’s unclear: the end of April, the beginning of May.  I landed a job on the upcoming HBO series Treme (created by the folks who made The Wire) as an assistant to the casting director.  Basically, I do a lot of paperwork and create spreadsheets of actors.  I’m wicked good at Excel, so this is not a problem.  Typically such work is considered excruciatingly boring.  I can relate with that sentiment, however, after spending four months living a very rootless life, office work is rather satisfying.  Plus I get to meet lots of nervous actors and read all the scripts.  And that’s pretty sweet.

I’m staying with Melissa, an old family friend and an actress performing on Treme.  I’ve got two rooms essentially to myself: a bedroom and a kitchen.  I spent the first couple weeks I was here hunting down furniture and other such necessities on craigslist, freecycle, garage sales, and street corners.  I now have a table, bed, recliner, nightstand, bookcase, radio, plates and bowls, silverware, tupperware, and a food processor.  Basically, I have a real job and have become a homemaker.  Well, temporarily.  Still, this will be the longest sustained period of legitimacy in my life since college (if you count my college life as legit).  Hell, it’ll be the longest I’ve spent in one home since then.

I’m going to try and post a couple of times in the next month or two because, frankly, I’ve just got to maintain my web presence, but we’ll see if I actually do.  My life now lends itself far less to the kinds of anecdotes I’ve blogged in the past few months: I spend much more time alone (reading, cooking, walking in circles) and I’ve signed all sorts of confidentiality agreements regarding the specifics of my work.   I’m planning to resume my journey once this job ends, at which point I will also resume regularly posting.  At that time, I’ll probably email many of you to let you know I’m back at it.  However, I don’t really know who reads this blog, I just know that some 20-40 people do, at least occasionally.  So if you’d like me to make sure I email you when I return to the blogosphere, comment here.

After 4 months on the road and 12,000 miles traveled, I very much appreciate this new-found stability, even if it is short-lived.  It’s been wonderful seeing those of you I’ve seen along the way.  Also wonderful has been hearing from those of you who have posted here, or emailed me, or texted me, or gchatted me, or <gasp!> called me.  And to those very few of you who have tweeted or buzzed at me, well, thanks for that too.  If any of you make it to New Orleans in the next couple of months, do let me know.


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3 Responses to “New Orleans, New Job etc.”

  1. Ian Says:

    Movie-Star! Movie-Star! Movie-Star! Movie-Star!

  2. Chiara M Says:

    You are cool, and I can’t wait to see treme. Enjoy yourself in nola!

  3. jessica Says:

    “(reading, cooking, walking in circles)”

    🙂 sounds just like you at columbia. congrats on finding stability sampackard!

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