Hell Yeah Health Care

Two months ago today, I was standing on a street corner in Miami, Florida asking folks to give me money to support health care reform.  It was hands down the most depressing week of my canvassing career.  The public option had been dropped, and the senate hadn’t yet passed a thing.  Progressives were frustrated, cynical.  Conservatives were hateful, to describe their attitude politely.  When the bill passed the senate, I don’t remember being particularly happy about it.  Frankly, a year of compromising liberals and death-panel-frenzied ‘wingers (topped off, of course, with the worse recession in decades) had worn me out.

Now,  many a Democratic president has tried and failed to pass some kind of health care reform through the years.  Hell even Nixon tried and failed.  Thanks to my youth, I don’t remember these failures.  After Scott Brown’s election, however, I began to worry that I would shortly remember one.

But I misread that election (as everyone did except Jonathan Chait and Nancy Pelosi).  We hadn’t lost the health care fight.  We just had to take a fresh look at the tired thing.  And we remembered  that despite this bill’s limitations, many as they are, it is a wonderful change from what we’ve got.  For the first time in history, our country will recognize that health care is a right, and not a privilege, as they say.  President Obama doubled-down, Pelosi worked her magic, the Dems united, and the game was won.

Hell yeah, health care.


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