In Which This Blog Fully Transforms into a Library Log

Another day, another Texas library.  This one in the noble town of Victoria, home of the oldest delicatessen in Texas.  As libraries go, this is a creepy one.  Not creepy like the Stone Ridge Library, where I used to work,  is creepy.  That place has a ghost, and on Saturday evenings, after flipping off the lights in the children’s room, I had to scamper quickly to the front door or she’d get me.  No, this Victoria library is creepy more like Port Authority bus station is creepy.  Or maybe just like the state of Texas is creepy.  One clearly-homeless fellow (not me!) has sat in the same chair, pack at his side but no books, since 9:00 AM this morning (it’s now 4:00 PM).  Another mumbles about the navy in the corner (at least he’s reading).  ‘Round noon, a group of seniors surrounded me at my table.  One told me that a satellite was falling, he’d read it in the paper.  He then proceeded to tell me that the only solution was Jesus, protector of truth, savior of youth.  And then there is the very-overweight man in a McCafe hat.  Creepy.  Before him, my biggest exposure to obesity on this trip was this article (a good one).  I’ve finally managed to escape (at least for a few hours) the post-internet-utopian-progressivism of the CouchSurfing-liberal-activism establishment (well, not completely, I’m still in a library like a socialist).  Is this what they call the real America?

The foreboding entrance to this creepy library (complete with horrifying, 1960s-era architecture!):



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    […] like New York are not part of the real America.  Screw that.  Since I’ve ended several recent blog posts railing against that position, I’ll tag-in my ally Amy to close this one out. […]

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