Is West Texas A Real Place?


I left Austin and drove west.  Uncharted territory.   As I drove, I saw many mysterious things.  Things I hardly dare repeat here.  Goat farms, oil wells.  An emu.  In Llano, a Texas-themed town outside of Austin, I passed through a time warp.  Here, keeping with this site’s new focus, is the library:

I saw a flattened armadillo.  I saw 2 dead deer.  I saw 4 dead buzzards.  I saw a dead skunk.  I stopped counting roadkill.  I neared the mythical city of El Dorado.  I neared the mythical nation of Iran.  Evidence:

Here I am sanctioning Iran:

No security council resolutions needed here.  Just my tummy.  Take that Hillary.

Finally, I made it to Marfa, TX, which is actually an arted-up Brooklyn neighborhood, chock full of galleries and Manhattan ex-pats.  Good to be home.

The long and lonesome road:


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3 Responses to “Is West Texas A Real Place?”

  1. MaryAlice Parks Says:

    Great pictures Sam! That road does look lonely, but also almost mythical.. I love the way you can see it curve and bounce along in the distance.

    Keep up the foreign policy work.. miss you!


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