Big Bend

You guys have got to go to Big Bend.  It’s so nice that nobody wants to live within 100 miles of it.

My Campsite:

I’m trying to sell this photo to Campmor so they can run it as an ad in Outside magazine.  Try to ignore the power line.  Pretend it’s a cross I erected out of religious fervor inspired by the sight of mountain.  Pretend I had a conversion moment.

That campsite is in Big Bend National Park.  I spent the whole night stomping on my sneakers and shaking out my sleeping bag for fear a scorpion may have sneaked in.  None did.  Too bad.  I didn’t see any rattlesnakes either.  Not even a tarantula!  We don’t have poisonous things in the northeast.  I wanted one.  Like I wanted a confederate flag when I first got to Alabama.

Here’s the other side of my campsite:

No poison there either.  Just another religious-awe-inspiring mountain.  Damn.

The next morning I hiked up the Lost Mine Trail.  Legend has it that Spaniards found a silver mine in this mountain and then enslaved the locals to work it.  The locals killed the Spaniards and sealed their corpses in the mine, so that no one else would enslave them again.  Of course, that didn’t work, they most certainly were wiped out by later European conquerors.  Geologists deny that the rock here could have ever hosted silver.  Major buzzkill.

Here I am sanctioning the mountain.

That’ll show it to inspire acts of extreme religiosity.  Wearing the clothes I always wear when sanctioning things.  Embarrassing.

Look at me looking at this other mountain:

This is where they filmed the lunar landing:

Later, on the road to El Paso (is that a Cash song?), I found the Prada store.  Here I am sanctioning it:


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2 Responses to “Big Bend”

  1. janet packard Says:

    Did you see the Marfa lights?

  2. selby Says:

    !! 🙂

    ps hi i read sometimes and like all of them

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