Grand Canyon, pt. 1

Before I went there, I grouped the Grand Canyon with places like the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower.  You know, I’m glad I’ve been to those places but they’re covered in people and shorter than buildings and not inspiring.  Check em off.  But the Grand Canyon is different: it’s a giant fucking canyon.  It’s giant-fucking-canyon-ness cannot be over-emphasized.  I mean, they pretty much named it that, in a PG sort of way.  I mean, look:

Except instead of being small and on a computer screen, it’s massive and a real thing.

I arrived on a Tuesday and wanted to hike to the bottom and camp by the Colorado.  I couldn’t get a permit to do that until Thursday, so I spent two nights camping in the Kaibab national forest just outside the park, cooking hot dogs and potatoes and telling myself ghost stories.  Well, bear stories.  Every time I heard a noise in the wood, I thought I was done for.  Not even sure there are bears there: the park materials don’t mention ’em.  One night, I heard a crack and shined my light into a set of eyes off in the distance.  Convinced it was a bear, I blasted my car radio and flashed my headlights.  Whatever it was, that got it.


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2 Responses to “Grand Canyon, pt. 1”

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