Los Angeles

I’M IN LOS ANGELES NOW SUBLETTING AND WORKING.  Apologies for my internet silence.  I’ve been here three weeks and will be here the rest of July.  My life is not as anecdotal as it is when I’m on the road.  Anecdote-filled.  Anectodable.  Blog-worthy.

Canvassing on a campaign to expand LA’s metro system.  I feel like a New York imperialist spreading the gospel of public transit in these barbaric lands.  I sign up tons of New York ex-pats.  I canvassed on the stars like a tourist that was canvassing.

Long have my Californian friends talked up the quality of their avocados.  Long have I found that chatter annoying.  But they have all along been right: this place has good avocados.

But I prefer the Korean cereal sold at the Korean groceries in Koreatown, where I live. My favorite is called “Crunchy, Crunchy Pear Juice.” LA is another country.

If anyone on this blog is here or will be here, CALL ME.


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