Cell Phone Photo Review!

Speaking of not gestating babies, here’s a gravestone or commemorative plaque or some such thing from a churchyard in New Mexico:

I left New Mexico and went west.  With some delay (see earlier blog posts) I got to California.  I locked my keys in my car at a rest stop in Chiriaco Summit, CA, on the Arizona border.  Embarrassing thing to blog about, really.  It’s a rest stop like any other, with a Chevron station and salt-and-vinegar chips for sale.  And the General Patton Memorial Museum.  Here is a tank:

Obviously the fates, who are pro-military, wanted me to investigate.  How else do explain that car lock out?

Here are some pigeon wings arranged like angel wings:

-Los Angeles


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3 Responses to “Cell Phone Photo Review!”

  1. selby Says:

    life is hard especially because no one has told us yet where the ripcord or exit sign from summer ’09 is.

    i thought it was in being sober–i think i might be wrong.

    thinking of you (as a synechdoche for college, among other ways) and liking when you post but not hating you or thinking you are a failure when you don’t.

    right now, i think that’s just about the biggest reassurance anyone can give anyotherone.

  2. alexios Says:

    What’s with the absence! Hello Selby, I disagree with you on the failure issue — I want more posts!

  3. Chance St. John Says:

    I check often for updates and they are never available. I am disappointed sir.

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