Still in Los Angeles

Apologies yet again readers wherever you may be for giving you nothing and letting you die.  My pageview charts have negative-er slopes than the Dow Jones circa Oct 2008.  Oooohhhhh!  Burn.  But frankly I’m still in LA.  Working everyday.  And there’s not a ton to say.

I spent some time this weekend on Venice Beach in a drum circle imagining what it’s like to be a real Californian.  I finally stuck my head in the Pacific.  Made it.

I’ve been “on the road” 9 months: long enough to gestate a baby.  But I haven’t gestated.  I sort of still feel like it’s summer ’09, you know, right when college ended.  I’ve recently been surprised to hear from friends returning from yearlong trips abroad.  How’d they do that so quick?  I just got the spark plugs in my car replaced and already feel nostalgic for the old ones.

Is LA America post-apocalypse?  Or is it-minus-traffic what heaven will be like?  I have two more weeks in this town.  Anyone coming to visit?


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