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My have I let this blog lapse.  I left LA.  I left San Francisco.  I went to a cabin in the Sierras and I left that place too.  Then I went back to Oakland and now I’m leaving there.  I’m going to Yosemite and then to Crater Lake.  I’ve been caught up.  With work and with friends etc.  This ain’t one of those over-share-y blogs, so I won’t get into it.  But now I’m back on the road, bopping around, more-or-less homeless.

My birthday just passed.  Perhaps you, dear readers, can excuse my blogging lapse as a birthday present.  I went to a graveyard to celebrate.  Danced to the thizzle dance on Mac Dre’s grave.  And saw this stone:

Craig Mucks.  Born and died on the day of my birth.  Well, exactly 12 years before the day of my birth.  Is it appropriate to post such an image on the nets?  I hope so.  RIP.

May this gravestone mark this blog’s rebirth.  I’ll be back soon with photos from the parks.  Until then, tah!


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