I want to visit all 50 states. To do this, one needs to define what counts as visiting. I’m conservative in this, so I say I’ve got 12 to go. You liberals, who count the states I visited when I was too young to remember and the state that I drove through but never slept in (Indiana, smells of sulfur), may say I’ve only got 7 left. You commies might even say that I’m done: what are political borders anyway?

Here’s a map:

(click for full size)


2 Responses to “Map!”

  1. Ian Says:

    why would a commie say you have visited them all? I don’t understand. Cause they don’t believe in the concept of states? but then why would they care? also why are you talking to commies? are you on the list?

  2. postcollegiatecats Says:

    impressive state-seeing.

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