You v. Wyoming

Some people puke when they see charts. I puke when I think about how undemocratic the Senate is. So, I decided to make a puke-green chart so we can all puke together:

(click for larger version)

Wyoming has 1.5% of the population of California but equal power in the Senate. Of course, everybody knows this. But it should be more controversial. This basically means that a Californian is 1/66th as politically significant in the Senate as a citizen of Wyoming. Or, more simply put, BLEH-FAHLOOUR-RECHT-ICK-DAH-LEEEEUUEH-huh-huh-hurr. And other puke sounds.


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2 Responses to “You v. Wyoming”

  1. cuarts Says:

    I puke with you. Also – very interesting insights about violence. Sorry to hear your tail-light.

  2. postcollegiatecats Says:

    -CUarts aka Rosie duPont

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