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January 16, 2011

Selby and I returned to Los Angeles, and rested, and ate Mexican, and dealt with the great baked-potato-fallout of 2010. I burnt my mouth on one. At least I learned a new word: debriding: the chemical removal of flesh around a wound so the wound may better heal. Or, as in my case, suffer more deeply.

I got my oil changed, said goodbye to Selby and then drove 14 hours on I-10 to El Paso, where I slept in my car in a Wal-Mart parking lot. I bought a peach yogurt at the Wal-Mart. The lady at McDonald’s refused to give me a spoon because I was not a McDonald’s customer. I vowed once again to never be a McDonald’s customer. The next day I woke up and drove the 9 hours (again on I-10) to Austin, where I dallied two nights, then drove to Houston for a night before landing in New Orleans. I’ve now driven the length of I-10 in both directions.

And in New Orleans I am still. Working once more on Treme, the HBO series. I missed my October resolution to get this blog up-to-date by New Years, but at least I’m completing my New Years resolution to update this blog by 2012. I’ll be back now and again with bits on New Orleans and other reflections. Cheers!


Austin: Still Weird

May 18, 2010

Visited Abby and Kurt in Austin this weekend.  We watched Clarissa Explains It All and Daria.  It was a total throwback to 2003, when nostalgia for nineties television was the in-thing.  You know that age-old question of whether Clarissa or Sangria is better?  Well, we settled it: sangria.  Though Melissa Joan Hart’s twitter might be better than either.  Nothing like a good pedicure to make a mom feel sexy again!  Not my words.

Some Austin sights:

Dog in robe:

Sperm on cake:

A brief review of my travels between the Texan gulf coast and the city of New Orleans.

March 7, 2010

After leaving my aunt and cousin in Rockport, TX, I drove to Houston.  Along the way I marveled at the sunset and the flatness of the place.  Got to Houston, stayed with a fellow named Tyler.  Good man, peculiar city.  Supposedly, they’ve got more strip clubs and more churches than any other place.  They’ve also got a house thatched with old beer cans.  We watched the Saints wreck the Colts.  At this point, I knew already about my New Orleans future, and so we celebrated thoroughly.

From Houston, I drove to back to Austin.  Spent several days entirely alone there, staying in an apartment I found on craigslist.  Ate good BBQ.  Did my laundry.  Got my suit dry-cleaned.  On the evening of Friday the twelfth, I drove to the Austin airport and picked up Sam West and David Gerson.  They were to stay with me through the weekend.  Together, we were to attend Abby Broberg’s wedding on Saturday.   The wedding was just wonderful.  First wedding of one of my college friends.  Isn’t that a milestone?  Am I now an adult?  I caught the garter and was forced to dance with the girl who caught the bouquet.  Yippee!  The next day we went to a Cathedral of Junk.

Then Sam and David left, and I drove to New Orleans.  Got here, celebrated Mardis Gras.  Caught a billion beads (No, I didn’t have to flash anybody.  That Mardis Gras tradition is certainly exaggerated.  Mardis Gras is, at least in part, somewhat of a family holiday.  It largely occurs during the daytime, particularly on Fat Tuesday itself.  There are lots of parents with kids on their shoulders.  And parades.  And New Orleans pride.  And the joys of catching things.)  And then I settled into my new home and prepared for my new job.  See next post.

Forgotten photos:

Alexi at Stone Ridge.  Just like home.

Alexi at 1120: the Alabama version of a venerable Columbia establishment.

William Faulkner’s grave.  I swear to you, the bottles of booze were found on site.

Deep-fried pickles. Ew.

Austin, TX

February 5, 2010

I was planning on finding a place in Austin to sublet for the month of February.  After so much bumming, it was time to work.  Master planner that I am, I had perfectly arranged my Austin-month to coincide with Abby’s wedding on Feb 13.   But alas, the Austin campaign office shut down sometime in January.  I must have been TOO absorbed by Southern culture to check-in with the bosses.  Nearest open offices?  Albuquerque, Denver, Atlanta.  Oops.  Can’t leave Texas before the wedding.  The bumming continues.

Ian and I stayed in Austin for three nights.  We stayed with a UT junior named Drew.  Beer pong, college basketball, and amorphous conversations about Kierkegaard.  COLLLLEGE!

Went to the LBJ Library.  Far more subdued than the Clinton Library.  Its main point is, I think, pretty commonplace today: LBJ passed a LOT of great, progressive legislation.  Had it not been for Vietnam, the people would have loved him.  Obama should just LBJ it.

I bought a bunch of old campaign buttons, including one marking me as part of Nixon’s silent majority.

We had a blast in Austin.  But bbq and Mexican food aside, we could have just as easily been back in NYC.  I guess, big-city, hip, liberal culture ain’t too different any place you go, be it Austin or be it Brooklyn.