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January 16, 2011

Selby and I returned to Los Angeles, and rested, and ate Mexican, and dealt with the great baked-potato-fallout of 2010. I burnt my mouth on one. At least I learned a new word: debriding: the chemical removal of flesh around a wound so the wound may better heal. Or, as in my case, suffer more deeply.

I got my oil changed, said goodbye to Selby and then drove 14 hours on I-10 to El Paso, where I slept in my car in a Wal-Mart parking lot. I bought a peach yogurt at the Wal-Mart. The lady at McDonald’s refused to give me a spoon because I was not a McDonald’s customer. I vowed once again to never be a McDonald’s customer. The next day I woke up and drove the 9 hours (again on I-10) to Austin, where I dallied two nights, then drove to Houston for a night before landing in New Orleans. I’ve now driven the length of I-10 in both directions.

And in New Orleans I am still. Working once more on Treme, the HBO series. I missed my October resolution to get this blog up-to-date by New Years, but at least I’m completing my New Years resolution to update this blog by 2012. I’ll be back now and again with bits on New Orleans and other reflections. Cheers!


Cell Phone Photo Review!

July 20, 2010

Speaking of not gestating babies, here’s a gravestone or commemorative plaque or some such thing from a churchyard in New Mexico:

I left New Mexico and went west.  With some delay (see earlier blog posts) I got to California.  I locked my keys in my car at a rest stop in Chiriaco Summit, CA, on the Arizona border.  Embarrassing thing to blog about, really.  It’s a rest stop like any other, with a Chevron station and salt-and-vinegar chips for sale.  And the General Patton Memorial Museum.  Here is a tank:

Obviously the fates, who are pro-military, wanted me to investigate.  How else do explain that car lock out?

Here are some pigeon wings arranged like angel wings:

-Los Angeles

Still in Los Angeles

July 20, 2010

Apologies yet again readers wherever you may be for giving you nothing and letting you die.  My pageview charts have negative-er slopes than the Dow Jones circa Oct 2008.  Oooohhhhh!  Burn.  But frankly I’m still in LA.  Working everyday.  And there’s not a ton to say.

I spent some time this weekend on Venice Beach in a drum circle imagining what it’s like to be a real Californian.  I finally stuck my head in the Pacific.  Made it.

I’ve been “on the road” 9 months: long enough to gestate a baby.  But I haven’t gestated.  I sort of still feel like it’s summer ’09, you know, right when college ended.  I’ve recently been surprised to hear from friends returning from yearlong trips abroad.  How’d they do that so quick?  I just got the spark plugs in my car replaced and already feel nostalgic for the old ones.

Is LA America post-apocalypse?  Or is it-minus-traffic what heaven will be like?  I have two more weeks in this town.  Anyone coming to visit?

Los Angeles

July 6, 2010

I’M IN LOS ANGELES NOW SUBLETTING AND WORKING.  Apologies for my internet silence.  I’ve been here three weeks and will be here the rest of July.  My life is not as anecdotal as it is when I’m on the road.  Anecdote-filled.  Anectodable.  Blog-worthy.

Canvassing on a campaign to expand LA’s metro system.  I feel like a New York imperialist spreading the gospel of public transit in these barbaric lands.  I sign up tons of New York ex-pats.  I canvassed on the stars like a tourist that was canvassing.

Long have my Californian friends talked up the quality of their avocados.  Long have I found that chatter annoying.  But they have all along been right: this place has good avocados.

But I prefer the Korean cereal sold at the Korean groceries in Koreatown, where I live. My favorite is called “Crunchy, Crunchy Pear Juice.” LA is another country.

If anyone on this blog is here or will be here, CALL ME.