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September 19, 2010

Then I started hiking.  Sweating.  Spitting out phlegm (I have a cold).  Reached Vernal Falls:

I swear that’s a real and actual place and not just a unicorn glade from your imagination.  See, I’m there:

Climbed higher.  Reached Nevada Falls:

And the top of Nevada:

There I sat, and surveyed, and ate peanuts.  Until this squirrel pestered me:

Yosemite squirrels are bold and persistent.  This one was trying to eat the nuts straight out my hand.  Such an asshole.  So I flashed it:

And then I made my way down.  And saw the sights:

And the Half Dome:

I don’t have a tripod or a travelling companion so it’s hard to take photos of myself with things.

OMG Yosemite.